High Hazels glide into Leeds on 18th October to showcase their brand of dreamy swoony psych pop. The Lending Room spoke to James to find out the band’s take on touring and the music industry.

Describe your sound in three words?

troubled golden syrup

What have your previous impressions/experiences of the Leeds music scene been like?

Leeds has been good to us so far – we supported The Coral in the city last December and before that we had a good gig at The Brudenell. We’ve spent a lot of time recording here with super producer Matt Peel, so we’ve gotten to know the city pretty well.

Who are your favourite fellow up and coming bands?

There’s a band from Scotland called Neon Waltz that have an album out at the end of August which we’re excited about.

What’s the most rock and roll thing that’s happened on tour?

I once left a cup of tea to brew for 8 minutes, couldn’t find milk, necked it, then went onstage. I never told the band. We’ve got some serious shit planned for Leeds.

What would your advice to small local bands be about getting out of their city and moving forward as a band?

My advice, which should be taken lightly at best, is to spend time writing songs that you love. Only then would I suggest to start playing – anywhere. In terms of out of town; keep your eyes out for good promoters, artists and anything that could potentially suit what you do and then ask nicely. 

And if ever there’s an unexpected lull; in a cashierless queue or your thoughts slacken, always remind yourself why you picked up your instrument in the first place. 

That, and fill up while the petrol’s cheap.

What do you think is important for a venue and local music scene to thrive?

A management that cares about music above all else.

High Hazels play the Lending Room with Lunablind, Kashmere, and The Purps

18th October, doors 7.30pm.