Describe your sound in three words?
Vivacious, bodacious, curvaceous

…and the live shows?
Yeah pretty good!

Whats the most rock and roll thing to happen at a gig?
Once our inflatable dinosaur (Big Dave) that we take on stage with us crowd surfed so hard at one of our gigs that he nearly pushed a video projector that was attached to the ceiling onto someone’s head. It’s a fine line between rock and roll and absolute shambles...

What other up and coming bands are you tipping?
Fizzy Blood, Brooders, and The Harriet’s (Even though we hate their drummer 😉 )

What have your past impressions of the Leeds music scene been?
We’ve always liked the fact it’s had a flourishing D.I.Y scene with a really supportive network. There’s some great venues in Leeds where you will always find bands and promoters big or small supporting each other at gigs.

Do you have any pre-show traditions?
We don’t really have any pre show traditions but we always make sure to have our little stuffed dragon, Dave, on stage with us to protect us from technical difficulties.

Whats are your band goals for the next year?
Play many festivals… YNot would be the dream as we love that festival and go every year.. Also to do more gigs in other cities and have a couple more singles released. Find Big Dave a girlfriend/boyfriend.

PURPLE THREAD play the Lending Room on 26 September w/ Damp, A Night In November, and Human Industrial Wake. Doors 7.30pm, 18+.