Who are your most inspiring musical icons?
So many! Patti Smith for giving no fucks and being a beautiful soul. PJ Harvey for creating all different sorts of music and sounds, all of it amazing. Nick Drake, Leadbelly, Otis Redding, Kim Gordon, Kim Deal, Syd Barrett.. the list is endless. 
If the band was a guitar pedal which would it be and why?
One that seasons your sound like a chicken and blows out cherry pie scented air as you stomp on it. 
What do you all like doing when you’re not making music and performing?
Listening to music!
What other up and coming bands are you tipping at the moment?
Slice, Average Sex, Neek, Tear, Hexmaze
What have your past experiences of Leeds been?
Some of us have played the Cockpit a while back with another band we were in, but we haven’t played with Yassassin so really looking forward to it! 
Finally, what can we expect from the live show?
Raucous rock n roll baby. 
Yassassin play the Lending Room on the 21st September with Fehm and Avacet. 18+ / 7.30pm / £5