What’s the weirdest experience you’ve had on tour?

Luke: We played The Victoria in Birmingham back in May and as we were loading Nelly (our trusted tour wagon) back up there was this man who at first I thought was being really kind, but things took a sudden turn for the worse when he told me I was gorgeous and he’d pay good money for a night with me. Maybe I should think about a career change.

 Ben: When we played in Bedford, we had a night out in Luton which lead to us in a club lock in till like 5am… even ordered dominos to the club, got a bit wavey indeed!

Dave: We were booked to play a gig at a pub in Sheffield, right before we were due to go on a 40 year old man with dreadlocks got on stage and started playing a saxophone solo. I think he thought it was an open mic night.

Erin: The weirdest experience on tour for me was deffo in Swansea. Woody, our photographer, and I got far too pissed than necessary because it was a free bar. He was delivering me triples while I was playing drums. When the set finished a lady in the crowd, who was about 40, came over to me, thought I was gay, and gave me her number on a raffle ticket. She wrote me a message and nicknamed me Cookie… all being as pissed as we were everyone thought it was hilarious and Dave the Rave still calls me Cookie occasionally. Very odd experience.

We love the ball pond scene in your music video. how did the idea come about and what was it like to film?

 Luke: It was our boy Ben Pitts’ (Outernation Management) idea and yeah it was a class day, was lovely to see a decent turnout of fans to be a part of it, too. No innuendo intended but those balls hurt when they hit your face, I’ll tell you that for free.

 Ben: Me and Pitts (our Manager) were just sat around thinking of ideas for a cheap video and thought, ‘how can we do a video but also make it mad fun at the same time’? Then we saw this place (Ballie Balerson) on Buzzfeed and were like “let’s go!” Was too much fun in there! Such a class day, nice to see all the people from social media turn up too, was mad!

What do you all like doing when you’re not making music and performing?

Ben: We love KFC. And spending as much time away from each other as possible… Erin takes it to extremes and goes away traveling for months! Things people do not to spend time with us hey!

 Dave: I like smoking meats; ribs, briskets, pork butts. New Idle Frets cooking show coming soon. Erin practices mermaidery. Ben and Luke are actually state of the art robots so we just put them in the cupboard.

What other up and coming bands are you tipping at the moment?

Luke: At the moment, I’ve been listening to SPINN, they’ve brought out two decent tracks so far, and of course, Marsicans and I really like Cassia.

 Erin: I think The Night Cafe (from Liverpool) have some belter tunes for sure. Marsicans, who we have done some tours, festivals, and nights out with also have some great songs that we love putting on full volume in the tour van! Oya Paya, another band formed in Liverpool, are deffo on the up and ones to watch. Some solo artists I know also have the most admirable music industry work ethic and for that they need watching, because Ali Horn and Ian Janco make some brilliant music and put their heart and soul into more than most people I’ve met, those two deserve to be going places!

What have your past experiences of Leeds been?

Dave: We’ve only played in Leeds once at the Lending Room. It was a fun gig! We didn’t have time to see much of Leeds though, maybe next time. SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!

 Erin: Haha what a funny question! So I’ve been to Leeds 3 times: Leeds Fest, my best friend moved there for a bit so I visited her, and then to play there! Every time has involved too much drinking and bumping into that all happened to be in Leeds the same day! I ran into a post box once on a night out in Leeds and ended up lost in The Stone Roses bar singing to some bangers! I’m actually heading to Leeds tomorrow for a house party so it seems to be a place where everyone is up for a fuck load of fun!

Finally, what can we expect from the live show?

Ben: Expect the unexpected. And sweat. Lots of sweat.

 Dave: From our live show you can expect; balloon animals, lasers, £1 turkey dinosaurs and bass solos.

 Idle Frets play the Lending Room on 11th October with Dream Estate, Friends Of Friends and Tropic.