Describe your sound in three words?

Meticulous, mercurial and high-tech.

…and the live shows?

Live is where we are at currently with our experiments in songwriting, sonics and improvisation but at the end of the day it is about the audience and what they bring is just as important.

What’s the most rock and roll thing to happen on tour?

Liam pretty much broke his arm on tour with Sean Lennon but still managed to play the shows and Raven sleep walked through Glastonbury last year only to wake up half way across the festival site without his shoes on, in the mud.

What other up and coming bands are you tipping?

Evil Usses from Bristol, Flying Ibex from London and Bison Bonansas from our very own Canterbury. All friends of ours doing good things.

What have your past impressions of the leeds music scene been?

All we’ve really seen is the university campus! The venue is great, the students and locals are lucky to have a decent place for touring bands to hit up.

Do you have any pre-show traditions?

No we do not have pre show traditions… Liam does some handstands and Joel sinks some pints. We try to mix up the set a lot so we spend time contemplating that.

Whats will we be seeing/hearing from Syd Arthur in the following 12 months?

We’re working on new music and visuals, introducing more electronic instruments and 3d style imagery.


Syd Arthur play the Lending Room on 31st October with Engine and Sympathiser