What’s your past experience of Leeds been?
Leeds is a really special city. In my old band we played a house party next to the uni which was wild, and in Cape Cub we’ve been lucky enough to play at Live at Leeds and also at Stylus, whilst on tour with Sunset Sons, which was incredible.
If you couldn’t be a musician what would your dream job be?
Hard question. My head is generally in a million different places at once anyway. Working in the outdoors would be cool. Either that or working in graphic design. Anything to avoid working for ‘the man’ and a corporate machine.
What’s the most unexpected part of being in a band?
Keeping on top of emails and the endless amounts of humous and crisps you have to eat on tour. It isn’t like the old days.
What other up and coming bands are you tipping at the moment?
There’s a good few that are doing some really exciting things right now. One of them is my friend Tom Joshua, an incredibly talented human. In terms of bands, The Old Pink House and The Pale White are killing it right now.
What’s the coolest or weirdest place you’ve played a gig?
The weirdest one was some members only club in London which had loads of crazy taxidermy. It was massively grotesque and like some last bastion of colonialism. Not too sure about that one…
If you could change one thing about the world what would it be?
Where do I start? The earth feels like it’s spinning backwards these days. I hope that people across the world, who truly have everything they need and want, start to look outwards more. Less me and more us. Less of the individual and more of the collective. The world needs it right now.
Check out the beautiful new video for ‘Flowers’:
Cape Cub play the Lending Room on 30th November. 18+ / 7.30pm / £6