Describe your sound in three words?
Dirty psych grunge
Whats the most rock and roll thing to happen on tour?
Our bassist shat in a urinal
What other up and coming bands are you tipping?
Vultures, Vulgarians, Cannibal Animal, Weirds and Abominal Soul.
What have your past impressions of the leeds music scene been?
Pretty wild, we saw a mosh pit at The Growlers gig at Stylus
Do you have any pre-show traditions?
Buckfast and no sleep
What will we be seeing/hearing from Femur in the following 12 months?
Impending spooky songs in the pipeline early next year.
FEMUR play the Lending Room on 24 October with The Racketeers, Tindrumm and Fudge. TICKETS HERE.