What is Leeds like as a city to be a band in?

Leeds is a great city for music, especially if you’re a band. Theres so many great venues to play at and theres always a show on if you feel like going to watch another band. 

What’s the most memorable gig you’ve had so far?

Our most memorable gig to date has got to have been supporting Fatherson at The Lending Room. Theres no better feeling than playing to a packed out room of people who enjoy what you’re playing. When we played our song ‘Drowning’ and everyone had their phone lights, or lighters in the air was a a really special moment for us that we’ll never forget! It was all topped off by Fatherson’s set, when they played ‘Joanna’ without a mic and had the whole room singing along was definitely a chilling moment for us all.

What other up and coming bands are you tipping?

Theres so many bands in Leeds who are so good its hard to just pick a couple, but theres definitely two that come to mind straight away – The Golden Age Of TV and The Doldrums. They’re both really different bands, but live they’re incredible! Theres also a load of other super awesome bands that we’d definitely recommend you check out like Silver Wilson, The Opera Comic and Oscar Corney.

Describe your live show in three words?

“Energetic, powerful and darn right fuckin badass” – Joe Dawson 2k17

What would you all be doing if you weren’t musicians?

“I’d be a chef, Michael would be full time personal trainer, Darius would be a hair model, Cameron would be a professional dancer, and Joe would be an assassin” – Jay Taylor 2k17

What is important for a healthy local music scene to thrive?

Most important of all is all bands supporting other bands. Going out and watching bands live is what keeps shows alive, hanging around after your set instead of going off home or off to get boozy instead of other staying to watch the other bands. What more, is you need promoters that actually care about the bands and the music scene. Theres so many promoters out there that just dont give a crap. SO tis great when you can work with ones who actually do (woohoo FlatPlastic for the win).

REED play the Lending Room on 26 October with Silver Wilson and The Doldrums.