The Opera Comic blend eccentricity with ornate musicality to deliver exciting and convention-shattering indie pop . Initially revealing only an illusive spiral image, the quintet (made up of Luke and Mitch Thompson, Jack Mattison, Nathan Francey and Mitchell Wright) crashed onto the scene with their debut single ”We are the Freaks”, a fun and frolicsome anthem which won the hearts of fans as well as the support of Clash magazine.

The Opera Comic continue to delight with their unique brand of debonair, intelligent and gritty indie pop. Their most recent single ‘Fantasise!’ is an irresistibly melodic tune that excites and electrifies with it’s psychedelic undertones. The band have already secured themselves a loyal fanbase and continue to wow crowds across the country with live shows combining smooth vocals, superbly well executed instrumentation and an undeniably theatrical flair. 

What do you like to see the audience doing at your shows?
Not leaving the venue…
What are the best things about the music scene in Leeds?
Leeds has a very diverse range of acts, many of which are of a high standard, and the support that independent artists receive is admirable.
How did the band originally start?
October 2016 saw the launch of the band through an intriguing spiral campaign. Hundreds of spiral symbols appeared throughout the UK and online, and people were invited to a website where they were instructed to enter a codeword in order to exclusively discover The Opera Comic. Following this, the band gained press attention through the release of the of their first single ‘We Are The Freaks’ which premiered on Clash Magazine.
What other up and coming bands are you tipping at the moment?
We recently saw SAYTR Play at their headline show at Deaf Institute. It was refreshing to see their frontman Fred Farrell perform with such an incredible amount of character.
What do you all do when not making music?
Luke – Sharpening up the edge of his pointed boots.
Mitch – Currently composing the soundtrack to Goosebumps.
Jack – Hacks into government computer systems.
Nathan – Puts hours of carefully dedicated work into grooming his moustache.
Tokes – Powerful owner of a Cigarette Business.
Finally if as a band you were a decade, which would it be and why?
The Opera Comic play the Lending Room on 16 December for Scruff Of The Neck. They will be joined by Edgar Duke, Berries, and Jabbawoki