Southend based Youth Club first caught peopleʼs attention in May 2014 with their self-released debut EP ʻColoursʼ. It stormed the official independent singles charts reaching No. 25 and No. 7 in the iTunes alternative charts. They are the first unsigned Essex band to officially chart right next to Adele.
What as a band are you most proud of to date?

Having charted, Radio 1 support and be able to tour and connect with our fans with no major support!

Tell us a story from the days when the band was just starting out?
We would all meet in a cupboard sized studio cleverly named ‘The Broom Cupboard’ which our drummer worked from to make the tracks, we would stay up all night and write the tracks before having to work the next day, and before rees started his normal studio day. We used to sleep in the van too! One day we spent the whole day and night writing this song which wasn’t working really, then within the last 10mins of the session we started jamming a idea that within maybe a hour late became ‘People’. 

What other up and coming bands should we be keeping an eye on?

Courts, HAUS, FARR, Lydia Kitto, Beach For Tiger, Asylums, Martin Luke Brown, Harrison Brome, Tom Tripp & Mahalia (we could go on forever, so many cool bands/artists coming out at the moment) 

What kind of topics do you like writing about in the songs?

Anything and everything, mostly about life, love and experiences. We don’t really go down the political route, but never know what we could write about next, we just move with how we feel. 

What have your past experiences of Leeds been?

Leeds is one of our favourites, we love the people, the music scene, and the food, especially Patty Smith in Belgrave Hall (Yummmmm)! 
We also lost Gerry last time we was here, he ended up at some party where the people had a pen factory in the basement, so he came back in the morning with one of the most beautiful pens we had even seen. 

What’s the oldest song in the setlist and why have you kept it in?

Filling Up To Go or She’s a Dancer. They are so energetic and the sound still fits in with the vibe and progression of our new stuff. Think we keep switching things up but for now they still feel right to play & fun to dance to on stage 🙂 

Finally if the band was a guitar pedal what would it be?

Flange….. A very wet FLANGE

Youth Club play the Lending Room on 14 December with Victors, Austinn and Courtyards.