What as a band are you most proud of to date?
This upcoming EP which is soon to be released. We’ve got four of our best songs on here, that we’ve spent hours grafting on and perfecting. Big thanks goes to Mike Heaton from Embrace for recording it. Also playing Live At Leeds was cool, whilst our debut U.K. Tour in December was more than special. It was all self funded/organised and cutting out the PR bullshit allowed us to meet some special people and we did this at the age of 18, so we’re pretty proud of that.
Tell us a story from the days when the band was just starting out?
We’d finished our GCSE’s and had about a 10 week holiday. Three of us were in the same tutor and we all went to the same high school and knew each other well. We’d been watching YouTube vids of Queen, Oasis etc and the crowd reaction they had, so we just decided to grow the balls and become a band.
What other up and coming bands should we be keeping an eye on?
October Drift. The best unknown band around and the most mesmerising live performance you’ll ever see. Catch em on their April tour. Also Easy Life from Leicester are doing bits and about to pop off big time.
What kind of topics do you like writing about in the songs?
Society, politics, wannabes and the vicious music industry. We take pride in the lyrics and Matty spends days perfecting and writing these. We get our point across, but not in an immature manner, trying to make people think and expressing the emotion of that lyric, in the way it’s sung. We’re not into following the trend of writing cringey made up love songs about fake girlfriends or nights out which just didn’t happen. You’d be a millionaire if you got a tenner for every time the words ‘Do you wanna’ or ‘she makes me’ are used in songs nowadays.
What have your past experiences of Leeds been?
Mixed bag. The good includes our sold out shows at venues like Oporto and Key Club. The Key Club gig was just surreal for a number of reasons. We played Leeds Stylus supporting Clay, which was also a taste of the big time and we’ll never forget that. We’ve met some great bands, like Sounds Like A Storm and In Your Prime and people, such as Tommy Ford and Snowwy. The bad…mainly just having a very frustrating relationship with promoters ignoring our ambition and dickhead support acts, who like being in a band so they can just put it on social media.
What’s the oldest song in the setlist and why have you kept it in?
Daddy’s Car and purely for it being a fan favourite. It’s our debut single and a song that people know most. Its pretty basic, but it’s also about those self-righteous arseholes you have to encounter everyday, which people can relate to. It was the first song we ever wrote and it just puts a smile on our faces.
If the band was a guitar pedal what would it be?
What do you like to see the audience doing at your shows?
Causing carnage. Tapping their feet. Audience members chatting to new people. Also I suppose people taking pictures and filming us…just so we can retweet it and feel famous haha.
Catch The Gallery playing with No Hot Ashes on March 1