What as a band are you most proud of to date?

That would have to be our hometown Manchester shows. Since 2015 we have prided ourselves on booking our own venues and selling them out. We have progressed through 200, 450, 650 cap venues which we are so proud of and now we are on our way to selling out the 950 cap Manchester Academy 2 (31st March). Each show has been special for us and marks the milestones we have achieved as a group.

Tell us a story from the days when the band was just starting out?

We started out just messing around when we were all between 14/15 years old. We used to practice in Matt’s garage and used a CD rack with a microphone taped to the top as a mic stand. We gigged relentlessly playing Manchester probably every other week for a year just building ourselves up live but without anyone really taking notice. We once played our local Masonic Guildhall and had a slot around 1am. The cleaners came mopping up and hoovering as we were halfway through our set.

What other up and coming bands should we be keeping an eye on?

Foxe, The Blinders, Yonaka & Patawawa.

What kind of topics do you like writing about in the songs?

Love, heartache, getting pissed, politics. Topics that means something to people.

What have your past experiences of Leeds been?

We have a nice following in Leeds and also lots of friends who are/were at university in the city. We cannot wait to return.

What’s the oldest song in the set list and why have you kept it in?

There are 2 contenders for this one. The obvious one being “Goose” our first offering to the world back in 2014 which has done nothing but increase in popularity every day since. It’s a set favourite and our finisher. Another song which creeps into the set every now and again is called “Cigs & PG Tips” it’s the only song that has survived in the set that we have never properly recorded/produced. We hope to one day give it another shot in the studio. One for the album, maybe.

If the band was a guitar pedal what would it be?

An envelope filter or wah pedal.

What do you like to see the audience doing at your shows?

Dancing. We also love crowd interaction, speak to us, heckle us do whatever. We love chatting to the fans after shows, means a lot to us.

No Hot Ashes play Lending Room on 1st March with The Gallery, The Covasettes, and Pura Vida.