how did you two meet? 
We met through Alie’s previous band.  Jericho’s brother was the bass player who introduced the two of us. Jericho had his own band too but quickly found we could try out some new ideas together as a new project. Both bands finished, here we are today as SKIES!
which bands or artists would you say inspires you the most as a band and as individuals? 
We take quite a few different aspects of things we like from different bands. We love Enter Shikari’s attitude towards their fans and their passion for their band. It’s always amazing to see a band working as closely with their project after years of hard work. Like Enter Shikari, we love Twenty One Pilots commitment to touring and growing their performances along with their fan base. Plus we love both bands music which helps too. We guess musically, Alie is inspired by great lyrics from a range of artist’s and genre’s like Eminem, Twenty One Pilots and Florence and The Machine… Jericho grew up listening to bands like Funeral for a Friend, Jimmy Eat World, Brand New and Thirty Seconds to Mars which maybe subtly influences stylistic
choices in the music writing process.
What do you like to see the audience doing at your shows? 
Having a good time and singing along for sure! We keep the energy up on stage so it’s always nice to see that rub off on the audience too.
is there one piece of gear that is integral to your sound? 
We have a large atmospheric sound which is definitely enabled by our laptop! He’s part of the band for sure but not particularly useful at adding any energy or passion to our show….
What other up and coming bands should we be keeping an eye on?
Riskee and the Ridicule and Ghouls definitely have a lot going for them right now!
do you write always as a pair or individually, before bringing it together for the band? 
It varies in how it comes together but usually Alie will start with the lyrics, melody, basic chords and structure.
Sometimes Jericho will have a piece of music he’s written, then Alie will pull together some of her lyrical and melodic ideas into that.
What are the best and worst things about your local music scene? 
Folkestone has a very cool and quirky music scene. It isn’t large and seeing international touring bands come through is rare but it has a building number of small pubs and clubs which are always promoting bands of every genre. There’s always a strong batch of cover artists and local artists to see.