How did your band form?

Myself, Alex Worrall- rhythm guitar, and Max Conway – drums, were in a band previously but it kinda fizzled out with a lack of gigs and other commitments. In November 2018 we decided to get back into it and found Ella Heaton – vocals, and Josh Palmer – lead guitar on music forums and we bonded over a shared musical interest and wanted to make something cool.

What’s your favourite song in your set?
My favourite is ‘Helter’, because it has a cool intro and outro. It shows off the dynamics and kinda demonstrates what everyone in the band is good at. I probably should say ‘Patience’ though because that’s our debut single that we’ve just released. Every song is fun to play though.

Can you describe your music to us in three words?
Trying our best.

Do you have a particular tune by a different artist that you like to play together when you’re just jamming?
We do a cover of ‘Femme Fatale’ by the Velvet Underground which works really well. Maybe its because of the female vocals but bits of the Velvet Underground always seem to come out in our songs. Our jams always tend to centre around a central repeated driving bassline and drum combo and then the two guitars can add colour to the riffs. It all comes about pretty naturally – songs aren’t slaved over or analysed too much before we start playing. The finer details are always worked out eventually but it’s not at the forefront of our songwriting. We’re a newish band but a STRELKA sound is definitely developing. 

You’re playing with Desperate Journalist soon, which of their songs is your favourite?
We all really like ‘Why are you so boring?’ and hope they play that in Leeds. New album is great too – so we’re very psyched to be on the same bill as them.

What’s the best experience you’ve had at a gig you’ve been to?
That’s a difficult one! Probably seeing Spiritualized at the Brudenell Social Club a couple of years ago. A band like that in a venue of that size and vibe. Can’t be beaten. I hope they come back to Leeds soon.

What can we expect to see from you in 2019?
Definitely more shows. We’ll pretty much play anywhere that lets us and it’d be cool to play outside of England. A tour maybe in the winter, but recording the single was a good move for us. It’s got us gigs and lets people know what we’re about – so expect more releases.

What question would you ask the next band that we interview?

Whats your biggest pet peeve at a gig – for both attending and playing?

STRELKA are supporting Desperate Journalist alongside Dactylion at the Lending Room on March 23rd.