Describe your music in 3 words
Chilled Alt-RnB
Who inspired the sound of Magnus Chapple?
There was this playlist I used to listen to on Spotify which was basically filled with Alt-RnB jams and I always wanted to make music similar to that style.
Do you have any other secret talents outside of music?
I’ve got a mean backhand on the table tennis court, watch out!
Tell us your guilty pleasure tune
Would have to be ‘Love Don’t Cost a Thing’ by the one and only J-Lo
What can we expect to see from you in 2019?  
Big things! I’ve got my debut album out March 15th with Villa Lena Recordings, then the UK tour following that. As soon as we finish up with that I’m straight back in the studio for album #2.
What is your favourite lyric from one of your own tunes?
I don’t know if I have a favourite lyric, but my song ‘Easy Times’ is definitely one of my favourites when it comes to lyrical content.
…And your favourite lyric of all time?
That’s a tough one, but I guess it would have to be OutKast with “Nothing lasts forever // so what makes love the exception” in Hey Ya!

Magnus Chapple¬†will be playing the venue March 27th as part of his ‘An Introduction Tour’, check out his new release “Boiling”.