Can you describe your music in three words for a new listener?
Heartbreaking, daydreamy and relatable.

You released your first single last year and your career has rocketed from there, what was the highlight of 2018 for you?
Definitely getting played on radio 1 on Christmas eve!! I had no idea it was happening and then I woke up early to go to work and my mate had texted me saying he heard me the night before I was shook!!! I also got the chance to visit some really nice places which inspired me to write a ton, signing a deal was cool too because I felt like it gave me more of a purpose to write as I want as many people as possible to hear my tunes (eventually). 

Which artist or band has inspired your sound the most?
This year Fenne Lily has really inspired me with her soft vocals and her personal lyrics, her melodies are really beautiful. Snail Mail has also massively inspired me her guitar riffs are insane, she talks about growing up and being I love in this abstract kind of way, its really clever. I try my best to listen to music that isn’t similar to mine as it can be easy to just re-write tunes that you’ve been listening to. I love Clairo too, I love that she doesn’t box herself up into one genre, no one seems to care that no two of her songs sound the same and i find that really inspiring. You listen to sad tunes when you’re sad and happy tunes when you’re happy or at a party so why should all your music sound the same? When the songs I have done are out I want people to be able to listen to them whatever mood they’re in. 

Your cover of East 17 was picked up by Huw Stevens on Radio 1, is there another song you would love to cover?
I’d love to cover a Frank Sinatra song either the way you look tonight or my funny valentine, or asleep by The Smiths could be really cool to cover.

If you weren’t pursuing a music career, what do you think you’d be doing?
I have no idea music is the only thing I’m not awful at, I do actually really like photography so that would have been fun or I could own an animal shelter and make coffee and call it kennels and coffee, that’s actually quite a sick idea isn’t it haha.

What are you most excited for in 2019? 
I’m itching to release all this music I’ve had under my belt for a while!! I just want everyone to listen to my songs and be able to relate to them so they don’t feel as alone in growing up type situations. I also can’t wait play more gigs like sound city and hopefully play to more people than just my mum and dad!

Abbie Ozard plays the venue May 23rd with Phoebe Marshall and Amaku Miru.