On May 22nd, alt-rock band Gentleman’s Brawl join us. We thought we ought to get to know them a little better ahead of their gig…


Where does the band draw its’ key influences from?
We all have a lot of different influences as we all come from different musical backgrounds, but the main influences are pop punk and emo heavyweights such as Paramore, Neck Deep, and A Day To Remember, as well as rock bands such as Foo Fighters, Feeder, and Smashing Pumpkins.

Is there any other core genre you have practised in previous bands?
Joe used to play in metalcore bands, Dylan was in deathcore bands, Charley used to play in groove metal and thrash metal bands, Luke used to drum for punk bands, and Levi was mainly a solo acoustic artist.

Do you have any pre gig rituals?
We don’t have any set pre gig routines, however we always like to watch the other bands on the line up to get us in the zone. Joe likes to go for a pre show nervous poo.

What is your favourite venue outside of Leeds?
We haven’t played many shows in this band outside of Leeds, but our headliner at The Parish in Huddersfield was great and we’d love to head back there at some point. Outside of Gentleman’s Brawl a couple of us have played at The Unicorn in Camden and we’d love to go there soon.

What is your go to jamming song that isn’t your own?
We don’t tend to play many covers but we love doing a cover of There, There by The Wonder Years, we might even give that another go at our show on the 22nd!

If you could headline any festival, which would it be and why?
It would have to definitely be Slam Dunk or Download. Slam Dunk mainly because so many of our favourite bands play there every year and playing with them would be incredible, Download just for the sheer atmosphere and scale.

What’s your favourite tune in the set for the gig with us?
Our favourite tune is a tough one to pick, we love all of them for very different reasons, the top three would have to be Saviour, as it is a massively different vibe to the rest of the set and a real anthemic tune, Respawn, because it’s insanely groovy and fast and gives Levi a chance to show off his vocal range, or These Four Walls, as it’s easily our biggest song and the crowd goes absolutely insane when we play it. At our EP launch we even had crowdsurfers for that one!

MAY 22ND | DOORS 19:30 | 18+

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