On 3rd October, DOMI will be performing for us at Lending Room. Get to know them a little bit better before their epic hometown headline show…


Describe your music in 3 words.

epic electronic pop


What is the story of DOMI? How did you meet and what drew you together as a group?

We all met at Leeds College of Music a few years ago, where we all studied different courses. Dominika came from Czech Republic, Casper and Ben from Norway and Jemma and Theo from the UK. These different backgrounds gave us a unique combination of sounds and influences that shape our music. Our differences help keep ideas new and fresh and our similarities create the bond in the band. We all like a bit of edge and darkness in what we listen to and what we play, which is what drew us together.


Your first single ‘Let Me Follow’ reached #9 on the ‘New Music Charts’ in Czech republic. What do you think it is about your music that resonates as it does outside the UK?

We don’t follow trends in music, which means we are not easily tied to a place or time. Also because we are from different countries, we are not seen as a UK band or a Norwegian band, we are our own format.


What can we expect from the new music that you will be playing for us?
Expect to dance your ass off and shed a small tear.


What is your favourite song that you will be playing for us at Lending Room?

At the moment it’s our latest single ‘Wouldn’t That Be Nice’.


What does a day offstage usually consist of for DOMI?
If we’re not working or composing we’re probably hanging out with each other, as we all like spending time together doing non-music stuff as well.


If a booking agent genie granted you one wish, which artist would you most like to support?

Sigrid 100%!


3RD OCT | DOORS 19:30 | 18+


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