On 29th October, FOWLER will be performing for us at Lending Room in support of Everyone You Know. Get to know the man behind the piano a little bit better before this massive show…


Describe your music in 3 words.

Raw, real, relevant.


Can you tell us a bit about you? How did you get into the music you are making today?

Since I can remember I’ve always had a massive passion for music. I guess it started through my family holidays when I was young and we would play cassettes of Bruce Springsteen and bands such as Embrace and Keane, and I was just consistently surrounded by music all the time. I also learnt the piano and sung from a very young age and just fell in love with the art of writing my own music once I had laid down the foundations of all the technicalities that come with learning an instrument. The real moment where I knew I wanted to make music for a living was when I covered Bon Iver’s version of ‘Can’t Make You Love Me’ at the age of 13. I’ve always had a passion for music that revolves around the piano and this song was the catalyst for that as it just strikes a nerve in me every time it’s played, and that is the reason I write the music I do today.


How have you found the city of Leeds since you moved up here from Dorset? What are your views on the current scene and your involvement in it?

I’ve loved every minute of my transition up to Leeds from Dorset, as it is a completely different surrounding to the one I’m used to. At home it was such a bubble that was hard to escape musically and since I’ve started at LCoM, the opportunities have been endless, especially regarding collaboration. The live music scene here thrives beyond belief and it’s been amazing to be a part of it. It took a while to be recognised and break through as an artist but I just kept writing and recording and eventually people started to listen.


You’ve announced that you’ve got an EP currently in the works; what can we expect from this next project? 

This next project is something I’m so excited by as I think it is some of my best work yet and it’s a work I’m proud of as it has shown my progression since starting my studies here in Leeds. It is called ‘Our Tree’ and I recorded two of the tracks with the extremely talented James Kenosha during the summer break. The single is due to be released in the coming month with the EP following shortly after and I will be performing them in the EYK gig.


What is in your ears at the moment when you’re strolling through Hyde Park? Any standout tunes for you?

As I mentioned before, Bon Iver is a big inspiration for me so his most recent album ‘i,i’ and his album before that ’22, A Million’ are often ringing out of my headphones. Other artists such as Billy Lockett, Lewis Capaldi, Ruben, Tame Impala and Dean Lewis are just examples of a few others I love to listen to. I like to think I have music for every occasion and never limit myself to one genre.


What does a day look like for Fowler when you aren’t writing and performing on the piano?

Even when I’m not writing I’m always looking for inspiration for my songs, and this can come from pretty much anything. If I see an interesting phrase in an article or a sentence that someone says, I will note it down and try and apply it to my lyric writing. However I especially like to spend my downtime from writing and performing with my amazing group of friends that I have met since I arrived in Leeds. They are also another reason for why the transition from life at home to Leeds was so smooth and easy as we settled into such a close group practically from the start.


And finally…..If a booking agent genie granted you one wish, which artist would you most like to support?

This is a hard question because I like to think I take inspiration from a lot of different artists so I have so many to choose from! I think on a world leading scale it would have to be Coldplay as they have been one of my favourite bands since growing up. I know that many people have mixed views on them but the quality of songs they write are second to none. And considering his sudden rise to fame and considering we sit in a similar genre, I would say Lewis Capaldi also, as we both love a ballad or two!


29th OCT | DOORS 19:30 | 18+


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