On 25th January, MOSSIE will be headlining the Lending Room! Get to know the new indie rockers here….


Describe your music in 3 words.

Indie, Rock, Humanness.


With each of you coming from different places in the North of England, how did you meet and get into the music you are making today?

Lead Singer (Adam Lavan) and guitarist (Adam Monroe) met randomly in a bar he was working there at the time and we started chatting about music. The singer actually went a played not long after that as a support act for the guitarists solo gig in Bradford. We started playing as a duo while stalking our drummer who we had an eye on for a while. He was playing in another band but eventually we prised him away to write with us and our basist was already an acquaintance of the guitarist.


This show will be your first set of fully original music; how has the process been writing these songs and finding your sound?

We love writing, sometimes a song can sound much different with a band behind it, as to how you imagined it when writing on an acoustic guitar. Our sound comes from our influences I guess, We are all big indie rock fans but one of the band members has a love of older music from the 70’s and 80’s and you get a streak of that through our stuff at times. Most of the songs we jam out in a session, with a few beers and then start to mould it.


Who has inspired you whilst you have been creating this original material?

We take influence from many many bands, so much good music around. There are a few bands from the Leeds area doing really well at the minute, this gives us a bit of inspiration and confidence that we can get our tunes heard. A big influence to us is our producer, Mr Will Jackson of Soundworks Studios, he has previously worked with some cool bands like Kaiser Chiefs, Pigeon Detectives and The Cribs, many others, he gives us good guidance and a fresh pair of ears on our ideas.


What are your plans for releasing this new music? Can we expect anything soon?

You can expect new music soon yes. . . We are currently writing our debut album with Will and are very busy in and out of the recording studios with that. I might as well let the cat out of the bag and let you know we aim to release our next single on the date of our gig at Lending Room where it will be performed for the first time.


What does a day look like for ‘Mossie’ when you aren’t writing and performing on stage?

We are all good mates in the band and spend time chilling out together, we are all busy doing our own thing though usually. . . life gets in the way of spending all of our day, 24/7 writing tunes, bills and all that, don’t tell my boss but i’m often sat writing a new tune when I’m supposed to be working. . . F#*k them i don’t like the job anyway.


And finally…..If a booking agent genie granted you one wish, which artist would you most like to support?

Oh that question is easy for me. . . I’d rub his lamp that hard that Oasis got back together and then I’d let them support us. Cheers!


25th JAN | DOORS 19:30 | 18+


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