On 28th March, MOSES will be headlining the Lending Room! We thought we would ask them a few questions in anticipation of the night….


What is the story behind ‘MOSES’? How did you all get into the music you are making today?

Our story is simple (yet complicated!). The short version is that we are four guys who really love music and met to make music, play shows – and especially – to give something uplifting to people, to our fans.


You’ve already released some monster singles this year in the form of ‘Who Needs the Money?’ and ‘Basically’. What can you tell us about these tracks and what has the response been like, so far?

Thank you! 🙂 – Yes, both are songs that people resonate with.

The first one is about trying to share love with someone without thinking of the mundane things and thinking less about this shit invention called “money”.

The message of ‘Basically’ is this: Some people are just bad, toxic even. So, sometimes you’ve just gotta let it all out and say it: ” I don’t like you – just stay away” As simple as that!


We can’t wait to hear them live, that’s for sure! Any standout tracks for you that you are enjoying playing so far that we can expect?

We genuinely enjoy playing all of them, but probably the ones that often stand out live are ‘River Thames’, ‘Basically’ and ‘Cause You Got Me’. – We can’t wait for the gig!


Are you able to tell us anything about plans for new music in the next few months?

There will be loads of cool things coming . So watch this space:)


As heavyweights of the London scene, how do you guys feel about venturing up North playing your music? Having played Manchester a handful of times as well as Live at Leeds in 2017, do you see any differences in the scenes and crowds that you play to?

People of the north are amazing:) and we always had so much fun playing there. To be honest, for us kinda everywhere is an adventure. We remember with great pleasure a gig in Manchester when most of the audience had no clue who we were, but when we played “River Thames” they all sang with us. That moment literally made us so happy!!!

For us everywhere is the same – we just love people!


And finally…..If a booking agent genie granted you one wish, which artist would you most like to support?

There are loads of great bands we’d love to play with, but probably we’d cry like babies if someone would call and say “you’re going on tour with Foals!”.


Photo: Mike Rădulescu