On Feb 12th, Spangled will be heading to the Lending Room for the First time as part of their tour with This Feeling! We thought we would ask them a few questions in anticipation of the night..

So first of all a few quick fire questions so people can get to know you…

Fave colour? Lapis Lazuli
Cats or Dogs? Dogs
Tea or Coffee? Tea
North or South? North (South’s cool too tho)
Fave Sporting team ?  Jamaican Bobsled Team

So By the looks of things, you’re about to embark on your first tour, how are you feeling about it ?
We’re beyond buzzing for it. We’re looking forward to getting our tunes out there and meeting a load of new faces along the way. You best believe we sampling the best pies along the way too x

‘Cosmic Vibrations’ is a venue favourite tune, which are your faves to play on stage and what makes the crowd pop off ?
A fine choice sir It’s hard to choose, cos it’s different every time depending on the crowd. Cosmic and Crossbar Challenge are probably up there, along with Headspace and That Farm in Dunham. Best is yet to come though…

Who inspired you to be in a band and gives you a want to be on stage playing your own tunes ?
We’ve all got mixed influences so it’s hard to pin down exactly one person/band. I think The Stone Roses and Joy Division are definitely up there, we just buzz off seeing their energy on stage.

Are you planning on releasing any new music for the tour or should we expect something after ?
Would be rude not to wouldn’t it?  Our next single Greenhills’ Superstar drops just before we head out on tour so we’re excited for people to finally hear that. It’s got an amazing vibe to it. Then after the tour the full 6 track EP drops – it’s a proper start to finish listen, it grips you. We hope everyone loves it as much as we loved making it together x

What does a day look like for ‘Spangled’ when you aren’t writing and performing on stage?
Don’t think we ever stop writing new tunes. Think we might have a problem… In our spare time we drink brews, eat pies,  consume red stripe.

And finally…..If a booking agent genie granted you one wish, which artist would you most like to support?
We’ve all got different influences like we say so I think it’s only fair that we all answer this individually!

Ben – Foals
Jamie – Declan McKenna
Niall – Talking Heads
Nathan – The Reytons

Catch Spangled on Feb 12th click here for Tickets